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7 Tips for Caring for Mental Health in the Music Industry

7 Tips for Caring for Mental Health in the Music Industry

Working in the music industry offers its own special set of challenges and rewards. The very high highs that being on stage and creating music present also come with some very low lows. Over a third of performing artists and 25 percent of industry support workers, such as roadies and crew, have reported mental health problems. With such high numbers, caring for your mental health is one of the most important things you can do while working in the music industry. Read on to learn more about how to care for your mental health in the music industry so that you can keep the music going for many years to come.

Mental Health in the Music Industry

Do Something Outside of Music

First and foremost, it is extremely important to have passions and interests outside of music. An artist’s love for their craft is deep, and it can be easy to get sucked in and stay there. However, this is where problems with mental health and substance abuse can begin. This is why having another form of expression other than music can benefit your life in many ways. And, this doesn’t even have to be artistic — it can include working out, spending time with animals, or joining a book club.

Have Friends Outside of Music

Similar to having interests outside of music, it is important to have friends and a support network outside of music as well. Spending a lot of time on the road or in the studio can leave you feeling lonely, even if you are surrounded by people. You can also begin living in a “bubble”, which is hard to break out of. Make sure you are regularly connecting with your loved ones outside of music to help keep you grounded and in reality.

Find a Routine

While living a life on the road or in the studio can present a different day every day, it is important to have a routine, even if it is small. Constant uncertainty and irregularity can cause damage to one’s mental health, sleep, and hormones. Carve out time for a little routine, even if it is small, so that your mind and body can have something to depend on.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Working in the music industry can mean a lot of long nights, a lot of travel, a lot of bad food, and a lot of substances. Performing on stage takes a lot of energy, both physically and mentally, so it is important to keep your body healthy and control what you can control. Eating well and staying active can help keep your body in tip-top shape for the demands the music industry puts on it.

Lean on Your Support Network

Individuals who work in the music industry can often feel lonely. In addition, according to Rolling Stone, in a 2018 study from the Music Industry Research Association, 50 percent of musicians reported battling symptoms of depression, compared with less than 25 percent of the general adult population.  This means it is extremely important for you to lean on your friends, family, and support if you are feeling any symptoms of isolation, depression, or anxiety.

Don’t Rely on Substances

Musicians are notorious for relying on substances to “enhance” their creativity. The good news is: you do not need to rely on substances to be great. By working in the music industry, you have the passion, drive, and talent to be where you are. Work as often as you can while you are sober so that you do not feel like you need to go on a bender when you are working on your next album or need to use substances to work up the courage to go on stage.

Get Help When You Need It

All of this said, sometimes your mental health can be too much to treat on your own. Reaching out for help when you need it is important so that you don’t experience the deadly consequences of poor mental health or substance abuse. Music industry-related treatment is an option to help you reset and get you back out doing what you love the most. At The Pointe, we can help.

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