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Safety and connection are paramount to a healthy human experience.

Your journey to recovery begins with your first phone call to us. Together, we begin the process of individualizing a plan that will work for you, before you even arrive at our Admissions Office at The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center. During that first call, we learn about you, your unique lifestyle, and your individual needs through a lens that focuses on a felt sense of safety. This safety is uniquely defined by our makeup, life experiences, and more. With this in mind, our approach during pre-admission includes reflective listening. Next, we can connect you directly to any essential care team member or alumnus from our program. We want you to be able to ask questions and thoroughly understand the program. This offers a great opportunity to shape an early and meaningful bond.

At the time of admission, you meet some of the staff members who will play an important role in your support group. During this visit, you will have a medical examination and social assessment, which will identify any medical conditions or other health risks in addition to your addiction and/or co-occurring mental health issues.

Our dedicated Admissions team at The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center compiles your medical and prior mental health treatment history for our review. We will also discuss our medication regimen and holistic practices, introduce you to our process, and take you on a brief tour to see your ultra-comfortable temporary home. Our focus at this time is to make you feel welcome, safe, and secure in the knowledge that you will receive the ultimate in attentive, personal care.

Recovery Awaits

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Integrating Care for Support

One of the many care components that sets The Pointe Malibu apart is our Polyvagal Inspired approach which values the connection between our clinical staff, your referring physician or party, your family in whatever form you choose and, of course, you. This bond surrounds you with those who care about you and want the very best results for your recovery journey. Once you provide written permission, we can make each one of these groups an integral part of your support team.

The Pointe Malibu luxury facilities

Comfort for the Mind and Body

Among the first steps you will take toward healing is detox, which will separate you from your substance dependence. During your Admissions process, we will explain the detox procedure to you and put your mind at ease by discussing how we expertly minimize any discomfort or apprehension related to detox. This also offers you an opportunity to express any other concerns or ask other questions about your exciting quest for a substance-free life.
The Pointe Malibu luxury facilities

Guidelines for Admission

We welcome our clients with open arms and a powerful Integrated Care Alliance. There are just a few simple guidelines you will need to meet for admission:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Chemical dependence on drugs and/or alcohol
  • Ability to care for yourself, such as eating, grooming, and maintaining clean living quarters
  • Willingness and desire to pursue treatment and a substance-free lifestyle
  • Acceptance of the treatment plan developed by you and your therapist

When you admit yourself to our care at The Pointe Malibu, you will immediately notice our beautiful Malibu beachfront location, our commitment to your privacy and our warm, non-judgmental staff who treat you as the very special individual you are. We hope that you will view our Admissions process the same as we do…as a wonderful opportunity to live your new life free from the burdens of your past.

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  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, rtf, txt, odf, docx, jpeg, jpg, tiff, gif, bmp, png, Max. file size: 5 MB.
  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, rtf, txt, odf, docx, jpeg, jpg, tiff, gif, bmp, png, Max. file size: 5 MB.
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Sorry, we are unable to accept Medicare, Medical, or Tri-Care.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a few uncertainties and many questions. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked.

Our concierge-style service not only ensures personalized attention but also the utmost in patient privacy. We limit group sessions to very small numbers and take special care to individualize your stay here. Our sterling reputation for discretion is well known throughout the industry.

We understand your need to maintain your business and professional commitments. We do allow some cell phone usage, as well as access to certain other electronic devices.

All of our suites are custom-appointed for luxury and comfort, and almost all are private one-person residences with viewing balconies.

We employ professional chefs who prepare a combination of quality meals known for their nutritious content and delicious flavor. Special dietary lifestyles and allergies are accommodated. Healthy snacks such as granola bars, fruits and cereals are made available throughout the day.

Typically, you will have five to eight individual sessions each week, divided between therapy, case management, and medical. When necessary, you will always have access to your personal therapist. With a staff-to-client ratio of 5:1, we pride ourselves in offering you caring personal attention at all times.

We encourage family interaction during your stay. In fact, family is one of the key pillars of our acclaimed Integrated Care Alliance. In our opinion, family communication plays an essential role in your recovery process.

If you are local, you are expected to arrange your own transportation. We can send a vehicle for pickup at the airport, however, if you are arriving from another city. If you are driving from another city, we can coordinate an outside Sober Companion to provide transportation for you.