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Family Program

Repairing Familiar Ties

Our Family Program seeks to rebuild and strengthen the ties that may have been strained, or even broken, during your battle with your substance use disorder. We do this through honest discussion and interaction, where you have opportunities to speak as well as to listen.

Family participation is essential to achieving a desired outcome. Despite estrangements that may have been prompted by addictive behavior, that inherent family love and concern is fundamental to identifying the deep-seated roots of your substance use or co-occurring disorder. This is where the emotional release from long-standing issues can lead to real progress in healing and, ultimately, thriving again.

Strength Through Communication

Because good communication is so vital to overcoming your addictions, we believe that the family setting provides the perfect forum as an ideal starting point,  once you have completed detox. It’s not unusual for family members and other close loved ones to at first feel everything from distrust and anger, to guilt, fear – even a sense of helplessness. After all, this is a very challenging time for everyone. By encouraging sincere, honest discussion, we can keep those feelings from simmering and begin that transition to more positive emotions.

The main intent is to open a good line of communication between you and your family of choice. Our clinical team relies on its years of training to ensure that discussions are straightforward and real, yet always civil. It is during these revealing moments that many of our clients begin to realize not only what has been lost, but how much more there is to gain. The powerful insights developed from these sessions form the basis for relevant, effective recovery strategies.

A Clinically Proven Plan

The Family Program includes family engagement and encourages regularly scheduled sessions and on-site visits. We reserve the flexibility to bring families together whenever there is benefit or need for learning more, sharing treatment information, and harmonizing change among family members. Because we offer highly individualized treatment, we can more readily discern when such sessions are crucial.

At The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center, family therapy is supported by our team of leading addictionologists and psychiatrists, therapists and licensed specialists. This enables us to explore family interactions and patterns and adjust the program to fit your specific needs and circumstances. Family sessions are geared to offer support, improve collaboration, increase awareness, develop skills and healthy patterns, identify strengths, establish proactive change behaviors, link to additional helpful resources for family members, and more. We always encourage family members to see substance use as the long term chronic illness that it is. Through this consensus, all parties are able to work more effectively toward re-establishing the love and trust that has been compromised.

By treating the mind, body and spirit through evidence-based treatment offered through our Polyvagal inspired approach we can heal the whole person. Your family, in whatever form, plays a very critical role in our recovery plan for you. So we ask you to open your mind, open your heart and open a new chapter in your exciting life of unbounded promise and rediscovery.

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