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Dietary Wellness Program

Our team of professional chefs serves gourmet and globally-inspired meals daily.

That is our passion at The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center…to address your wellness and recovery journey through every aspect of your treatment experience, including the food we offer to our residents. Our Dietary Wellness Program is focused on brain health and is designed to help heal and rejuvenate both the body and the brain during the detoxification and early recovery phase.

At The Pointe Malibu, we focus on incorporating essential micronutrients, vitamin-rich foods, and the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. We are committed to removing the toxic GMO ingredients found in the standard American diet (wheat, corn, soy, etc.), while implementing a low-glycemic and healthy fat diet.

Eating Better, Naturally.

Our Dietary Wellness Program enhances recovery by focusing on brain health. Menus are curated to provide an increase in Omega 3s by including fresh seafood and grass-fed meat and creatively incorporating nuts, seeds, and other Omega 3 rich foods. By increasing the intake of Omega 3s, we greatly reduce the inflammatory Omega 6 fat sources, which have been shown to block the uptake of healthy Omega 3s. At The Pointe Malibu, we have chosen not to use soybean, vegetable, canola, or corn oils and instead feature avocado, olive, and coconut oil in our cooking.

In addition to balancing this Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, our talented chefs work with a wide array of seasonal produce, serving unique vegetable dishes and fresh, beautiful salad options at every meal. This ensures that our diet provides an abundance of naturally sourced vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that are so crucial in the healing of our brains and bodies.

Dining Becomes an Experience

Meals at The Pointe Malibu are served gourmet style in a community table setting. Our courteous, experienced wait staff works to make every dining occasion a true celebratory event that all of our clients pleasantly anticipate. We strive to give each meal an excellent balance of delicious nutrients that will keep you fortified and satisfied. Should you have any special dietary, cultural, or religious requirements per certain foods or ingredients, we will be happy to find an appropriate alternative for you.

Various healthy snacks, juices, and other beverages are available to you throughout the day, to appease your mood and appetite. Good, nutritious food is one of the key elements that we believe enhances your journey of healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

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A Relationship of Mutual Respect

At The Pointe Malibu, we invite you to have a different, more collaborative relationship with the food you eat, through cooking classes with o ur skilled chefs, to addressing individualized dietary needs, to nutrition consultations with a Registered Dietitian. This way of eating and nurturing a healthy relationship with food is not only pleasurable for you but has been clinically proven to restore balance in the body, decrease post-acute withdrawals and alleviate cravings. We work from a model that acknowledges the power of the food we eat in promoting internal healing, lowering stress, reducing depression and anxiety – and increasing joy.