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Executives & Professionals Treatment Malibu CA

Make Your Extraordinary Life Even Better

If you’re ready to end the cycle of drugs, alcohol, or addiction threatening your career, family, and well-being, we’re here to help. We understand that these problems can be more complex for executives and professionals. The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center was established specifically for you.

We believe a familiar environment is a preferable place to start in these cases…hence, our luxurious accommodations at our beachfront Malibu, California location. Care, comfort and good taste shape our residential treatment facilities, programs, coastal activities, and gourmet cuisine.

Yes, we do understand discretion is critical. Ensuring confidentiality is our policy and practice at The Pointe Malibu. We protect client privacy, period. As a matter of both ethical practice and HIPAA regulations, your personal life is safe with us. Our management team and full staff are trained and committed to absolute confidentiality.

At our executive drug rehab Malibu, we also understand the unique challenges facing corporate officers, contracted professionals, entertainers, and public-trust officials. Our Executive Program meets the needs of these professionally accountable clients. Though your program of recovery takes precedence, following completion of detox and stabilization, as an Executive Program client you may incorporate work activities into your daily schedule.

Addiction Treatment Tailored to Career Professionals

Our addiction treatment professionals will work with you to integrate your professional activities into your therapy and treatment schedule. As long as your recovery remains foremost, we can often make accommodations enabling you to meet obligations away from the treatment center. When professional travel is required, we will coordinate appropriate sober companionship during these off-site activities. Sober companions are an invaluable resource that you can utilize to help maintain your newfound substance-free life and established professional standing.

Beyond implementing your treatment program, our drug detox for professionals in Malibu CA plan ahead for you with extensive discharge and continuing care planning for your professional life that begins right from the time of admission. Fitness for Duty Reports is also available at discharge when requested.

As an Executive client, you reside in unsurpassed luxury and receive care in an exclusive beachfront community offering optimum privacy. The amenities offered have been selected to address your individual needs and to provide the extra layers of privacy, comfort, and luxury sometimes needed for true relaxation, without the distractions that can get in the way of pursuing your recovery and building long-term sobriety

Intensive Diagnostic Assessment (IDA)

Upon completion of detox and stabilization, you will undergo a rigorous, Intensive Diagnostic Assessment, the most extensive diagnostic tool currently available. IDA’s were developed three decades ago by State Physician Health Programs to diagnose and treat doctors and dentists, where fitness for duty was a public safety concern. Soon after, airlines developed similar programs for pilots, flight crews, and maintenance staffs. The purpose of the IDA is to determine a complete set of precise diagnoses for all of the medical, psychiatric, clinical, and behavioral issues that may have contributed to your admission to treatment. 

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The IDA, led by our Clinical Director includes:

  •  Internal Medicine / Addictionologist – An initial physical is performed here, in order to compile your medical history. This specialist also oversees your detox and stabilization
  • Psychiatrist – This professional conducts a psychiatric evaluation and collates your psychiatric history to determine brain health and function.
  • Psychologist – Through a complete forensic psychological assessment, the psychologist determines the required level of psychological testing, interprets testing results and identifies the full range of clinical and behavioral issues that have led to your substance use, mental health condition and chronic pain issues.
  •  Other Specialists (as required) – Throughout the evaluation, should other medical, psychiatric and clinical issues come into focus, additional specialists may be consulted, and neuro-psych testing may be recommended.

Once the Diagnostic Assessment is completed, the Clinical Director will assemble the appropriate treatment team members and coordinate with the team in developing and implementing a highly personalized treatment plan for you.

Executive and Professionals Program -Treatment Services

Our Clinical Director shepherds the development of your treatment plan and ongoing care. The director carries a relatively small caseload, for particularly complex cases only, so as to be available to work with your selected treatment team as the need arises.

Your treatment includes, but is not limited to:

Medical Services
  • Medical Evaluation & Assessment
  • Medical Intervention & Continuing Care
  • Pain Recovery Management
  • Medical Detox
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Mental Health Diagnostic Assessments
  • Alternative Holistic Treatment
Clinical Services
  • Treatment of Co-Occurring/Compulsive Disorders
  • Trauma-Focused Treatment
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Neurofeedback
  • Experiential & Holistic Therapies
  • Case Management
  • Discharge / Continuing Care Planning & Services
  • Early Recovery Transition and Lifestyle Planning & Services

Personalized Executives & Professionals Treatment Plans

At The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center, we believe that you are a product of your own unique life experience, as well as the pattern of substance use, mental health issues, process addictions and treatment history. Those individual underlying issues must be factored into your diagnosis if you are to receive effective treatment. This is where your highly customized treatment plan comes into play as the best means for reaching your recovery goals. 

Ours is a systemic approach to care that has proven highly successful. Though we believe group therapy sessions play an important role in our Concierge Program, we do encourage regular individual therapy, due to its ability to better address underlying trauma. Individual sessions allow for more privacy and greater intimacy, so critical for honest sharing with your therapist and making genuine progress in treatment. You will see your individual therapists (primary, family or specialty therapists) and a case manager multiple times throughout each week. We also maintain licensed therapists at our drug rehab for professionals in Malibu CA, every day to handle your different issues as they arise. Our scheduling allows you to work out at a health club throughout the week, enjoy outdoor therapy sessions on the beach, explore community outings, and tend to your personal self care and grooming needs.

Our evidence-based treatment modalities include:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR
  • Executive Coaching
  • Family Therapy
  • Experiential Components
    • Surf / Water Therapies
    • Holistic Therapies
    • Art & Music Therapy
The Pointe Malibu luxury facilites
Some of our superb client treatment teams include:
  • Internist/Addictionologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Primary Therapist
  • Family Therapist
  • EMDR and Trauma Therapist
  • Nursing Team
  • Executive Coach
  • Sober Companion
  • Case Manager

You have led a busy, productive life before losing your way through your addiction. Our number one goal is to help you undertake a successful recovery, and we feel that the best way is by treating you in a familiar environment of luxury, privacy, and exceptional service. Our Executives & Professionals Treatment at The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center offers a powerful reminder of the extraordinary life you can still achieve.