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Addiction Treatment Malibu

Overcome Substance use Disorder with

World-Class Customized Treatment

Our goal is to provide comprehensive support and personalized care, empowering individuals to achieve sustained recovery substance use disorder and process addictions.
Medically-Assisted Detox
We are IMS-certified for this service, ensuring the individual finest in licensed medical supervision.
Personalized Treatment
Receive at least 5 to 8 individual sessions per week, each uniquely customized for you.
Community Engagement
Experience connection, compassion, and encouragement.


Recovery from addiction necessitates real changes in your life – changes that require solid support at every turn. As a world-renowned recovery facility, we have created a powerful interlinking support mechanism for you that draws upon the finest evidence-, abstinence- and holistic-based therapies.

It is a connection fortified by our skilled, caring clinical staff, as well as by your referring physician or party, your family of choice, and, most importantly, you. At our luxury rehab center Malibu CA, We make sure that everyone is working together to strengthen and facilitate your road to lasting recovery. Each group plays an important role through communication, acceptance, and accountability.

What We Treat

Prescription Drugs
  • Benzodiazepine Use Disorder
  • Xanax Use Disorder
  • Ambien Use Disorder
  • Hydrocodone Use Disorder
All Other Drugs
  • Alcohol Use Disorder
  • Cocaine Use Disorder
  • Heroin Use Disorder
  • Opiate Use Disorder
  • Marijuana Use Disorder
  • Methamphetamine Use Disorder
  • Hallucinogens Use Disorder
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
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A Setting Where Great Things Happen

One of The Pointe Malibu’s key differentiators is our deep understanding of your need for a nurturing space to focus on yourself and your recovery journey. Our polyvagal-informed and Eco-Therapy oriented approach optimizes your recovery potential amid ultra-luxurious surroundings with panoramic oceanfront views.

Our private location in Malibu, CA, offers personalized care tailored to your unique needs. We are dedicated to making your recovery as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

A Place of Safety, a Period of Calm

The first step toward that goal is medically-assisted detox, which we administer under the supervision of a licensed and board-certified physician. In every instance, we work to eliminate your discomfort, apprehension, and fears. We offer attention and care that ensures steady progress in a comfortable environment. Your care plan, customized specifically for you, will include five to eight individual sessions per week, as well as group therapy in small numbers and holistic activities of your choice, such as massage, hiking, Tibetan singing bowl healing, and oceanfront meditation, to name just a few.

Embracing Your New Self

As your journey unfolds, you will gain clearer knowledge of the underlying factors feeding your disease. We specialize in treating the whole person, including any co-occurring disorders. As these issues surface through closer evaluation, we fine-tune your program, add new elements or slightly change current ones to address your unique condition.

These co-occurring conditions, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar disorder, and others, are rarely self-correcting. Our clinical approach, based on our team’s vast professional experience and knowledge, enables us to provide solutions that are dramatic and long-lasting.

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Reassessing the Essential Values of Family

Rebuilding your life after addiction requires a strong support system, rooted in the sense of safety and connection. At The Pointe Malibu, we emphasize the importance of family and belonging. Our polyvagal-informed approach encourages you to reconnect with loved ones, even in cases of past alienation. This process involves open discussions about disappointments and expectations, allowing everyone to feel heard and understood. By reinforcing these vital bonds, we help you create a stable foundation for lasting recovery.

Embrace the Life That's Just Beginning

Your commitment to overcoming substance use and co-occurring disorders is truly commendable. Our polyvagal-inspired approach provides guidance and support at every stage, surrounding you with luxury, panoramic beauty, and a dedicated professional staff skilled in evidence-based methods for lasting recovery. This is your moment of transformative clarity—a time to embrace a bright new future.

We work collaboratively with you. Please note that some select services may incur additional costs or may be covered by insurance.