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A Proven Plan to Overcome Your Alcohol Use Disorder and Heal Your Pain

Despite the many extraordinary moments of your life, the scourge of your alcohol use disorder can create personal damage that often seems impossible to repair.

Each of your successes is counterbalanced by inner demons beyond your control. Like any debilitating disease, alcohol abuse requires the dedicated help of skilled medical professionals. Those who are able, seek the guidance and healing abilities provided by world-renowned and universally respected The Pointe Malibu luxury alcohol rehab near you in Malibu CA.

Personally Crafted Care

Our 5:1 staff-to-client ratio ensures a tailored plan with individualized care.

Medical-Guided Detox

Detox services are administered under medical supervision from licensed physicians.

Never-Ending Support

We provide continuous post-treatment programs and professional counseling.


Utilizing the best of evidence-, abstinence- and holistic-based therapies, we oversee a complete continuum of care that begins the moment you walk into our ultra-luxurious beachfront facility, and it extends well beyond your successful discharge. Our compassionate treatment approach welcomes you into a community.

Anchored by Polyvagal Theory, connection is a centerpiece of care. The important relationships involve our highly respected medical and clinical staff at Alcohol Treatment Malibu CA, as well as your referring professional, your own family – whatever its form – and, most importantly, yourself. Everyone in this collaboration commits totally to your recovery, through determination, honesty and shared accountability for a successful outcome.

Finding Your Optimum Comfort Level

The Pointe Malibu recognizes the elite world in which you travel. So, in order to optimize your recovery, at our luxury alcohol rehab Malibu CA, we surround you with the luxuries and comforts that you have come to expect. Within this environment of custom-appointed suites, oceanfront vistas, and nutritious gourmet dining, our esteemed clinical staff offers you the greatest luxury of all…personal 1-on-1 attention and care.

The Pointe Malibu luxury facilities

Unwavering Support in All the Right Places

After a thorough review and analysis by our Admissions Director and on-site physician, your triumphant journey to recovery fully begins to take shape. Our IMS-certified, medically supervised detox services help significantly to facilitate real change to a life free of the stifling constraints of alcohol. This is one of the most significant steps in strengthening your mind, body and spirit.

Post-detox rehabilitation affords you the freedom to work on being the best version of yourself you can be. With a 5:1 staff-to-client radio, The Pointe Malibu gives you the individual attention you deserve. This includes between five and eight individual sessions per week, involving therapeutic, medical and case management professionals. You also benefit from valuable group therapy in a wide variety of forms, as well as holistic healing from activities such as massage therapy, surf therapy, hiking, yoga, meditation and more.

Treating and Healing the Whole Person

Throughout this journey of rediscovery, you will learn to look and understand beyond the surface of your issues with alcohol. That’s because, at The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center, we help you to recognize the underlying conditions behind your disease. Any co-occurring disorders are fully addressed, and a solid plan to treat them is implemented by our medical/clinical staff, after careful diagnosis and evaluation. The plan reflects specific goals for each area of treatment, ensuring a targeted and coordinated effort by all.

An Inspired Feeling of Reconnection

As an evidence-based residential treatment center, we believe in practices that are scientifically proven for their efficacy and success. Our experience has shown that the importance of “family” and loved ones in the recovery process can never be overstated. It plays an essential role in helping to keep the recovering client engaged and connected. So our Malibu alcohol addiction treatment center makes every effort, despite any prior estrangements, to foster discussion and understanding among you and those you love most. It is a vital component of enhancing your sense of safety and belonging.

The Pointe Malibu beach views

Refocusing Your Purpose, Reframing Your Life

We at The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center are extremely proud of our world-renowned treatments for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, administered from our spectacular beachfront location, amid ultra-luxurious accommodations. Our ongoing Continuum of Care, which also includes outpatient services, an active alumni program, and an extended family of caring professionals, is designed to ensure that your recovery is a satisfying, lasting one. And that your successes in life, going forward, can be celebrated with joy and clarity.