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Support Group Networks For Families Battling Addiction

Support Group Networks For Families Battling Addiction

Going through addiction and addiction recovery can feel lonely, not only for the individual who is suffering but also for their family members. Children, parents, spouses, partners, and close friends alike are susceptible to the loneliness and struggle that comes along with an addicted love one. You are not alone, and thats why it is important to learn about support groups, treatment, and other resources that are available to you at luxury alcohol rehab. Keep reading to learn more about support group networks for families battling addiction and how you can get your family on the right path.

Why Family Support Matters

It can be difficult to lend support to a loved one in your family who has been battling addiction. They have likely caused your family a lot of pain and giving them love and support seems impossible. Even though you finally get your family member to attend rehab, families feel like they are left to pick up the pieces their loved one has left behind when they check into treatment, which can cause more resentment.

In order to begin repairing your family’s bond, making sure your loved one knows they have your support is essential. Rooting them along, celebrating achievements, and becoming active in their care are a few ways you can lend support. Having your children draw pictures, accepting phone calls, or just simply telling them you are supporting them are other simple gestures that go a long way. The more support and encouragement your loved one has, the more akin they will be to being as open and honest as possible in treatment.

After your loved one has finished treatment, it is important for the entire family to be on the same page and adhere to the aftercare protocol that has been previously set in place. Things like keeping alcohol out of the home, not raising your voice, or going to ice cream every Thursday might be some simple things included that will help bond your family.

Family Treatment at Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Two essential components of family treatment at luxury alcohol rehab include repaiting communication and strengthening bonds. Family participation is essential to long-lasting sobriety. Despite estrangements that may have been caused by addictive behavior, inherent family love and concern is fundamental to identifying the deep-seeded roots of substance use or co-occurring disorder. The emotional release from long-standing issues can lead to real progress in healing and, ultimately, a happy and healthy family structure.

Repairing Communication

Addiction can cause a complete breakdown in communication amongst family members. Issues with communication that arise include:

  • Distrust
  • Volatile situations
  • Arguments
  • Aggression
  • Emotional abuse
  • Denial
  • Lying

Good communication is an essential aspect of addiction recovery. For your loved one, they will have to be very open and honest with their therapist about many personal things. Learning those skills again after a battle with addiction can be difficult. Still, our clinical team relies on its years of training to ensure that family therapy discussions are straightforward and honest, yet always civil. This creates a safe space for the entire family. During these revealing moments, many of our clients begin to realize not only what has been lost but how much more there is to gain.

Strengthening Bonds

Addiction can cause a breakdown in an otherwise healthy bond. Addiction knows no bounds, whether it is a marriage, a parent-child relationship, or a longtime family friend. It takes time to rebuild a bond, and learning how to do that in a safe space is critical.

Through honest discussion and the opportunity to listen and learn, your family can look forward to overcoming the issues that stem from your family member’s addiction. Making and keeping promises, spending more family time together, and ensuring each other’s emotional safety are all important aspects.

Another issue that is common among families battling addiction is enabling. Perhaps you, or someone else in your family, were enabling your loved one. With or without intention, it can cause a change in the relationship.

About The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center

There is still time to repair your family and the damage that addiction has caused. Through the Family Program, you and your family can learn:

  • More about the disease of addiction, including symptoms and how it affects the brain and body
  • More about recovery and what to expect, including red flags for relapse and how to handle it
  • Support for everyone in the family
  • Methods for rebuilding trust and communication
  • Healthy boundaries that can be set

The Family Program is a structured treatment model that includes regularly scheduled sessions. Since each and every client has an individualized treatment plan, there may be a need for flexibility for added sessions.

At The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center, family therapy is supported by our team of leading addictionologists and psychiatrists, therapists, and licensed addiction specialists. This enables us to closely observe family dynamics and adjust the program to fit your specific needs and circumstances. Every family session is geared to heal emotional wounds, address differences, clarify misconceptions and enhance understanding.

We always encourage family members to see substance use as the disease that it is. Through this consensus, all parties can work more effectively toward re-establishing the love and trust that has been compromised.

If you’re ready to start your family’s journey to long-lasting recovery, we are here for you.