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Amanda Lear

Amanda Lehrer, LMSW is a seasoned professional at The Pointe Malibu, bringing with her over 25 years of clinical expertise and a profound understanding of resources available to individuals grappling with mental and behavioral health challenges. She holds a master’s degree in social work from Case Western Reserve University and a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Mercyhurst University.

Throughout her career, Amanda has ventured into diverse clinical settings, where her expertise has made a significant impact. She played a pivotal role in designing curriculums for disaster mental health preparedness and response, demonstrating her commitment to addressing mental health needs during critical events. Amanda’s dedication also led her to develop and deliver mental health training programs for clinicians, further enhancing the competence of professionals in the field.

Amanda’s expertise extends to counseling adolescents and families, and she has done so in both residential and community settings. Her therapeutic support has been instrumental in helping individuals navigate complex challenges. Amanda’s career path also includes serving as the Mental Health Content Specialist for Region II Head Start Programs, underscoring her commitment to early intervention and child well-being.

Her career journey took her into roles in Clinical Outreach and Business Development, where she applied her marketing and clinical skills to organizations such as PCH Treatment Center, CRC Health, Constellations Behavioral Health, and Ellenhorn. In these positions, Amanda contributed to the growth and success of these institutions while continuing to champion the cause of mental health.

Amanda’s guiding philosophy revolves around the advocacy of individuals facing mental health and substance abuse issues. She firmly believes in fostering a partnership between clients and professionals throughout the recovery journey. Amanda’s attraction to The Pointe Malibu stems from her belief that “not all who wander are lost.” She emphasizes the importance of considering the full picture of an individual’s life and struggles, recognizing that every experience contributes to their current state.

A passionate activist and advocate for the voiceless, Amanda carries her commitment not only into her professional life but also shares this energy and enthusiasm with her four children.

In her clinical practice, Amanda’s approach is rooted in psychodynamic and relational therapy. She places paramount importance on the therapist-client relationship as the cornerstone of psychotherapy. She views life experiences as shaping an individual’s present, working from a strength-based perspective through a trauma-informed lens.Her expertise spans a wide spectrum, including LGBTQIA issues, substance misuse, and families experiencing psychological and related behavioral concerns, among other areas

Amanda Lehrer’s extensive clinical background, profound empathy, and dedication to advocating for those in need make her an invaluable asset to The Pointe Malibu and the broader community.